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Michael J. O’Connor 

It’s So Pretty It Just About Kills You

A new album from longtime Bay Area troubadour and prolific singer/songwriter, Michael J. O’Connor. 


Santa Rosa, CA–With a string of eclectic solo albums and stints in indie and punk bands like The Knowle Roars and The Listening Post, singer/songwriter Michael J. O’Connor has finally come into his own with his strong new solo effort, It’s So Pretty It Just About Kills You. With plenty of the hooks he has been known for over the last two decades, O’Connor combines influences such as The Mountain Goats and The Hold Steady with his own brand of indie-folk and power pop on this new full-length. 


Recorded at O’Connor’s home studio in Santa Rosa, CA, It’s So Pretty It Just About Kills You features a full band arrangement focused around the road-tested acoustic guitar and vocals that make up the center of this new batch of tunes. Lyrical themes on It’s So Pretty It Just About Kills You range from broken friendships to powerful hallucinogens and cover the spectrum of what it means to find yourself grown up and still kicking after years of self-destruction. 


Fans of O’Connor’s previous bands will find the hallmarks of his songwriting on this new record but the laser-focus and well-rounded arrangements are entirely new and are the result of a string of solo live shows and a desire to make something that represents what audiences can expect to see when coming to a Michael J. O’Connor show, many of which are coming up through the end of 2022 and into 2023 (and for at least another two decades). 


For more information, promo requests, or to arrange an interview, contact Michael J. O’Connor at / 707-590-1124

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