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Michael J. O'Connor

Content Writer

About Me

About Me

I have been a freelance writer since 2015, when I was accepted to work on the humor site, The Hard Times, as a contributor pitching headlines in a competitive environment and writing articles designed to go viral. While contributing there, I was the prose editor of the literary magazine, Zaum, as well as a freelancer writing content for sites such as Textbroker, Constant Content, and Zerys.


Writing for the big content marketing platforms has been my bootcamp. I have learned to hustle, to write cleanly, and to do it all day long. Research, though, has been by far the most valuable skill I have acquired over the years. Writing a well-researched article in a short amount of time is no easy task, but I’ve put in enough time to be able to pull it off.

Client Testimonials and Samples

Client Testimonials

"Michael was a pleasure to work with!"

- Jet S. / Activity Nest

"Michael was a wonderful person to work with. His writing was clean and straightforward with credible sources. Everything he submitted required very few edits. On top of his great work, he was a joy to work with. His friendly demeanor and professionalism set him apart. I would definitely hire him again."

- Laura S. / Dade Group

Work Experience

Freelance writer:

2015 - current

For the last five years I have been a freelance writer for content marketing platforms such as Textbroker, Constant Content, Zerys, and UpWork. I have written dozens of articles on dozens of topics, and have always done so on a deadline.

Digital Marketing Specialist, City of Santa Rosa: 2019 - current

I am a digital marketing specialist for the City of Santa Rosa creating marketing materials in print and digital. Responsibilities have included copywriting, graphic design, SEO, and social media marketing.

Contributing Writer, The Hard Times: 

2015- current

At the satirical website, The Hard Times, I pitch headlines in an extremely competitive environment and write satire articles on topics like lifestyle, millennial culture, and music.

Work Experience
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